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You & The Foundation

The Coshocton Foundation is committed to helping individuals maintain a thriving quality of life in the Coshocton community. Gifts to the Coshocton Foundation can be a way for citizens to “give back” to the community that nurtured them and their families, and a way to play an important part in making Coshocton an even better place to live, creating a legacy of generosity for generations to come.


The Coshocton Foundation is a local, nonprofit charitable organization. The Coshocton Foundation is a qualified community foundation, whereby receiving the maximum tax deductions allowed at the state and federal level. We are dedicated to strengthening our community both now and for future generations. The main purpose of the Coshocton Foundation is “connecting people who care to causes that matter,” and providing a vehicle by which private donors may make a lasting contribution to our community and at the same time accomplish their goals in charitable gift and estate planning.


A donor has the choice of how and when to make their gift, the charitable impact it will make and how involved they will be in its distribution.


  1. Tax Advantages – By making a gift to the Coshocton Foundation, a donor is able to receive the maximum tax advantage allowed by state and federal law.
  2. Simplicity – A gift to the Coshocton Foundation may benefit several worthwhile endeavors through an unrestricted fund or specific areas designated by the donor.
  3. Effective Leadership and Accountability – Our Distribution Committee, consisting of active community leaders representing all different segments of our community, guides our local grant-making process. All receipts and expenditures are fully audited by outside auditors contracted by the Coshocton Foundation.
  4. Flexibility – Gifts may include outright gifts, (e.g. cash or stock), bequests, charitable gift annuities, charitable lead trusts, charitable remainder trusts, life estate contracts, retirement plans, insurance and other kinds of assets. They be designated or undesignated, and can be added to at any time and for nearly any reason.
  5. Recognition or Anonymity – Donors may be publicly recognized for their philanthropic efforts or may remain anonymous, as they wish. Gifts may be designated as memorials or tributes or may be named in recognition of an individual, family, organization or special purpose.
  6. Permanence and Security – Gifts to the Coshocton Foundation become a part of a perpetual charity, ensuring a permanent endowment to respond to changing community needs right here in Coshocton. The Foundation Trustees and Investment Committee establish the investment policies and guidelines for professional investment managers contracted to manage the fund assets.


Not only are there many benefits of giving to the Coshocton Foundation, but also there are several ways to give in order to meet your specific charitable goals and take full advantage of tax benefits.


  • Outright Gifts: Give cash, stocks, real estate or other assets
  • Bequests: Designate a portion of an estate
  • Charitable Gift Annuity: Annuity contract pays donor a predetermined amount annually for life -charitable fund commences grants upon death.
  • Charitable Lead Trust: Trust pays the Coshocton Foundation a fixed amount for a number of years and then assets go the beneficiary.
  • Charitable Remainder Trust: Trust pays beneficiary for life and then assets are transferred to a fund of the Coshocton Foundation
  • Life Estate Contract: Donor transfers home to the Coshocton Foundation and still enjoys living at home.
  • Retirement Plans: IRA’s, etc. By naming the Coshocton Foundation as beneficiary of a retirement plan, 100% stays in the community to benefit charities in the donor’s name.
  • Insurance: A portion or all of a Insurance policy can be named to the Coshocton Foundation. Many establish the Coshocton Foundation as the owner and beneficiary during their lifetime.


Your gift to the Coshocton Foundation may be used for charitable, educational, religious, scientific, health, welfare, recreational, cultural affairs, arts or any purpose through a non-profit organization that benefits Coshocton.

THROUGH THE COSHOCTON FOUNDATION, each donor has a range of options and the opportunity to preserve and strengthen the community we all cherish. The Coshocton Foundation is committed to making a lasting difference for Coshocton — for good and forever.

You are invited to help Coshocton create a legacy for generations to come.
For more information you or your financial advisor are urged to contact:
Bob Pell
Coshocton Foundation
(740) 622-0010   
If you are interested in giving a tax-deductible gift to the Coshocton Foundation please make checks payable to the “Coshocton Foundation”, specify your donation’s designation and mail it to:
Coshocton Foundation
P.O. Box 55
Coshocton, OH 43812