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The Distribution Committee of the Coshocton Foundation met recently to further consider an Unrestricted Grant Application from Coshocton County Emergency Medical Services. After meeting with CCEMS Director Todd Shroyer and Mobile Integrated Health Captain Christopher Menapace, a $20,000 grant was awarded to assist CCEMS with the purchase of patient-centric, operational software for a newly created division within the CCEMS organization, Mobile Integrated Healthcare.   

The emphasis of the new program will be on educating patients to take control of their healthcare decisions in “a nonjudgmental, nonthreatening, culturally sensitive manner.  The goal is to enhance the quality of life of each patient enrolled in the program as well as reduce the improper or unnecessary usage of the emergency response division of the CCEMS organization”, explained Chris Menapace, MIH Captain. He went on to explain that after the software is installed, personnel will be trained, and patient care records can be managed on the platform within 8 weeks.

The software is designed to manage a patient from initial contact, referral process, and then track the continual visits needed to properly manage the patient’s case. In addition to reducing the need to call 911, analytically-created data points will be used to ensure that CCEMS programming is meeting the ever changing needs of their patient demographic.